Saturday, August 22, 2015

Getting Finance Assignment Solutions are Easy with Online Finance Assignment Help!

Finance is a subject which is used in an individual’s life on a daily basis. Students are the ones who encountered with this subject on a daily basis and they find finance hard and complex. Various terms are associated with finance. Liquidity is one of them.
In any business, economics or investment, market liquidity is an asset's capability to be sold without having a major movement in the price and with a minimum loss of value. Money, or cash, is considered to be the most liquid asset, and can be used instantly to perform economic activities like buying, selling, paying debt, meeting immediate wants and needs of an individual. Though, currencies and even major currencies can experience loss of market liquidity in large liquidation actions. For example, scenario considering a major dump in price of US dollar bonds by Saudi Arabia or China or Japan, each of which has trillions in such bonds, would harshly affect the market liquidity of the US dollar and its denominated assets. There is no asset in the market which can be sold without any effect on the market.
Liquidation is defined as an act of exchange of a less liquid asset with a more liquid asset and liquidity refers both to a business's capability to meet its payment obligation, in terms of having sufficient liquid assets, and to such assets themselves.
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