Friday, April 17, 2015

A review on Security Issues of Reputation Management Systems for Peer-to-Peer Networks in computer science

The purpose of this paper is to present an inclusive survey of security issues in Reputation based Trust Management system (RTMS) also recognized in brief as Reputation Management Systems for P2P networks. The broad adoption of P2P computing has augmented content publishing, pervasive information collection, triturating of real-time information sharing and sensed data on an enormous global scale. Simultaneously, the open and anonymous nature of P2P makes it susceptible to malicious attacks and the spread of malware. 

In this paper, we talk about in detail the different security attacks on P2P systems and have classified them as peer-related and network-related attacks. RTMS helps to found and evaluate Trust, which is the degree of belief that is ascertained to prove that the right user is accessing the right resource. We have clarified the different Trust Management schemes used in P2P networks and have contrasted them on the basis of trust organization, security features, trust evaluation and weakness. 

We have reviewed the RTMSs currently in use and have contrasted them on the basis of reputation collection, computation, aggregation, storage and degree of centralization of reputation computation and management. We also at hand a comparison of protection offered by RTMs against the variety of security attacks discussed. Open research issues and defies that have yet to be handled in the design of current RTMs have been given in detail. This review can be used as a reference direct to know Trust Management and RTMS for P2P networks in a better way and to further research in RTMSs to make them efficient, reliable and scalable to enable and promote the utilization of P2P systems for large communities and applications.

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