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online system program card

Network interface card (NIC) online tutoring

A computer must be equipped with a system program card (NIC) that can send (and receive) data as an r / c trend (rather than as an electrical indication over a wire). To connection a system, a system must be set up to be connected the computer systems and other machines. In a sent system, it is a hub, link, wireless router, or swap. In a wife system, the central attaching system is called a wife entry way (WAP).
Hub, link, wireless router solutions with on the online tutoring
The WAP can also be a hub, link, wireless router, or swap with both wife and wirebasedports. Thus, most accessibility points provide for wife connection as well as interface relationships to a sent system, such as the Internet.
Wired and wife connection on the online tutoring
A system mixing sent and wife connection is often called a multiple system. Figure 7.1 shows the structure for a multiple system. Typically, wireless routers include a WAP, an Ethernet swap, and firmware for IP sending, Network Address Interpretation (NAT), and the Website Name System (DNS) to interwork with a WAN entrance. The wife wireless router allows sent and wife Ethernet devices to go to a WAN system such as a DSL device. This device is often system card inside the wireless router.

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