Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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These two ideas are frequently confused with each other. Personal selling is the release of a unique message to a potential customer. The message is conversed through a one to one personal association or a telephone call. It is quite different from ad as here the message is produced for single persons and can be altered if the preferred behavior does not happen. Unlike advertisement, personal selling is quite luxurious and is done only if there is a requirement for it.

 In Direct selling there are no center men like retail outlets, dispensers etc and the product is directly sold to the customer. And in personal selling the sales human being has a one to one contact with the consumer and closes the deal.

Controls of direct marketing

1. Email Marketing

Here promotional movements are conducted through e-mails sent to the objective clients. This is a very well-liked direct marketing tool. E-mails are comparatively rather inexpensive. They are easy to make and send. The marketer can send them anytime of the day and can easily work out the ‘response rate’ of his promotional campaign. All these causes make e-mail marketing a favorite amongst marketers. Email marketing has its share of disadvantages additionally.  
2. Other online channels

a.    Display ads

 these ads come into view on the web pages in form of static banners, pop ups, floating units etc. They are generally placed abutting the contents on the web page to exert a pull on the client’s notice. The client can click on these display ads to purchase a product or service or have thorough information on it.

 b.   Search engines

  In U.S; almost 50% of the investment made on online promotion goes to search engines. Search engines assistance in popularizing websites among clients. When a client searches for an invention or service, instantly the engine scans through millions of indexed sides, and brings forth a list of topics which go with the search topic.

 c.   Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites similar to Twitter, MySpace, YouTube etc have become hugely popular. They are commonly used to converse with old friends and create new ones. The fame of such sites is proving to be a benefit for direct marketers. 

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