Friday, September 23, 2011

mass communication live experts

Media has always played a very important role in shaping the opinion of society. In fact, if we talk about last ten years, then there have been remarkable developments in the field of mass communication. People have started realizing the importance of well developed and well organized communication system in the country, which eventually helps in the development of a nation. Also, media leaves an immense impact on every aspect of day to day life and have emerged as a strong medium of conveying messages from one part of the world to the other. It would not be wrong to say that media gives ordinary people the opportunity to talk about their views and contribute to the global economy.
Keeping in consideration the growing popularity of media field, Mass communication has come up as a modern form of academic study. This study involves the detailed account and understanding of different communication media such as radio, television, print, digital out of home media and many others that have evolved over time. Since this industry promises great career opportunities, so a lot of students are opting this as a career option.
The speed with which this field is gaining importance, the concern lies that student need to choose with the best institute of mass studies. This is rather a very important decision to be made in order to give a complete power groove. Right mass media institute is the only key to the country for the right job. Making the right choice of college not only affects one’s learning but also the job opportunities available to a student in professional career. One need to be very careful to while making a choice and should follow a proper set of guidance so as to reach to a fruitful decision.
The very first criteria, while making a choice is that one must choose a college, which should be licensed or certified by a government educational organizations or different advice. It is always prudent to prefer the certification of the mass media college, where you can get a better investigation. Secondly, one should look for the course content because there are many colleges there are also many homework help experts, which focus on curriculum, infrastructure facility, placements and other extracurricular participation. So, you must make a decision to enter the field. It is recommended that students should join the college, where you can get a work environment focused on the media. Last but not the least, it is always better to choose a college, which provides investment support for students. Ask the college if they offer such a facility or not. There are different schools available, offering the investment to the eligible candidates. So these are some important tips that everyone should follow to choose the best media institute.

Friday, September 16, 2011

management assignment help

Reputation management is precisely what it sounds like, managing one’s own reputation. It is vital that clients, business partners, employees, and the world, view one’s company as a great company. One can spend years making a great reputation and loose it in a day because of the lack of managing ones reputation efficiently. The internet is an influential and free tool that inserts a street to managing reputation.and management assignment help is also good through online

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Understanding Customer Needs marketing managment

Needs are basic human requirements. People need food, water, clothing, shelter, education, entertainment. People are driven by different needs at different times. Abraham Maslow’s sought to explain this in his “Hierarchy of Needs”. He explained that human needs are arranged in a hierarchy from the most pressing to the least pressing. In order of importance are: Physiological needs, Safety needs, Social needs, Esteem needs and Self actualization needs. People try to satisfy their physiological needs first, when these needs are secure, they will then try to satisfy safety needs. As each level of need is secured, people move on to the next level of need. A person, who is at level 4- esteem needs, has secured his earlier physiological safety and social needs. This person will however still feel hungry and thirsty, but because his basic levels of needs are secure his basic physiological needs, when hungry will be satisfied with a very basic meal.

It is important to remember that the needs described are generalizations. There are number of safety, social and self esteem needs.

Needs when directed at very specific objects become wants: a person, s wants are determined to a large extent by which level of need a person is at, in the hierarchy of needs. A person at level 4 may want a four source meal to satisfy his hunger needs, however a person at level 2 would want only a very basic meal without being very particular about taste, nutrition etc. a person’s wants are also shaped by the culture, societal attitudes, family influences, values and beliefs and the entire macro environment, even companies can influence or shape customer’s wants.

Marketers are frequently accused of “creating needs” by using very creative advertising, or that they get people to buy products they don’t need. The truth however is that needs can’t be created. Needs preexist and they are what people are driven by. Most of the times customers needs are unarticulated; because marketers uncover these unarticulated needs, it feels as though the needs have been created. However, what companies do is shape of influence wants, but by first understanding where the customer is in the hierarchy of needs.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Newmann Game Theory online tutoring

There is a fundamental assumption in the Neumann Morgenstern game theory which is worth mentioning. According to their game theory an oligopolists while choosing his strategy will assume which will be unfavorable to him. That is to say an oligopolists will adopt the policy of playing it safe given this assumption form among strategies which provide him various minimum gains an oligopolists will select that one which is maximum in those minimum gains.

In order to discuss the solute of oligopoly problem suggested by Neumann Morgenstern theory of game we suppose that oligopolists known the complete set of strategies open to him as well as those available to his rivaled in the industry. Further it is assumed that the straggle between the oligopolists is of the nature of strictly adversary game a strictly adversary game is one in which the out some which is favorable form the viewpoint of one is unfavorable to the other. Lastly two take a constant sum game in which the outcomes to the tow player’s oligopolists always add up to the same constant amount. Thus in a constant sum game one plays gain is always another player loss. Thus if the constant sum is profits of $ which is to be shared between the two sellers then if A receives $ 8 then B will be get $ 2 and if A gets $ 3 then B will obtain $ 7and so on. In our explanation of the game theory below we shall describe the behaviour of pair or duopolists A and B who compete for a given total profits of $ 10.when in a game aggregate of gain (+) and loss (-) is zero. The constant sum game becomes a zero sum game. In the oligopolistic market situation if advertising campaign launched by a firm for promoting the sales of its product merely causes a fixed number of consumers to swath from other brands of the product to his brand without adding to the total demand of the product it would be an example of a zero sum game.